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Still kicking...

May 4th, 2008 at 01:50 am

Just not writing! I'm gotten very bad at posting here. (slaps own hand) I'll try to do better Smile

I was just checking out my debt column - $19645. As of today, that number was under $18k. I guess I should get around to updating it. Both of our student loans have gone done about $500. Our Lowe's debt is down to $500. Unfortunately, our cc is up a bit due to car repairs, but that will be paid off before any interest accrues. We just got slapped with a major car repair, but are using the stimulus to pay it off. It's no harm to the budget, but just more scrambling that we will have to do to come up with money for our Roths (since that's what we had the stimulus slated for). Oh well. I guess it wasn't the worst time for me to blow a transmission, although there never is a good time for that.