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March 19th, 2008 at 01:49 am

-Still prego Smile Broke the news at work today and everyone took the news quite well. I'm starting to climb out of this depressing fatigue that I've had for the first trimester as well. It won't be a minute too soon!
-Ds2 does have a hernia, requiring minor surgery. I'm waiting for the hospital to call to schedule it. It's a very minor surgery, but there's always that apprehension of putting your child under anesthesia, esp. for the first time. I'll be glad when it's over. At least it won't be a big medical bill as we have good insurance. I'm reminded more and more lately how lucky we are.
-I've made $2500 of DH's 2007 Roth contribution (I was able to make all of mine). I don't think we are going to make it to $4k, but I think I'll be able to squeeze at least another $500 out before April 15.
-Speaking of Roths, I'm just waiting to finish my contribution so I can file my taxes (we qualify for the retirement savings credit). I am literally less than $1000 from claiming the EIC. Anyone know of a way to lower my income???? (legally, of course!!!)
-I am generally pretty non-commercial when it comes to holidays, but I bought the boys a few presents last night when I stopped at Target with my girlfriends. They had board games on sale for $4 and I picked up a few small Thomas trains. So, less than $20...not bad, and I know they will make the boys very happy.
-I also spent over $125 on new clothes in the past week, both maternity and just "larger" clothes to get me through to when I can actually wear maternity without looking like I'm in a tent. My body shape has changed considerably since my last two pregnancies, and all my old maternity clothes are really quite unflattering. I may be pregnant, but I still want to look good Smile
-My sitters (day care provider and my mom) are both taking off for a long weekend, so I'm out of a sitter on Thursday - good news for me, as I justified taking a vacation day from work! Friday we are leaving for my niece's birthday party, than an early Easter celebration with DH's family in Binghamton on Sat. We come home Sunday for a second celebration. I just love the holidays!

bills, bills, bills

March 11th, 2008 at 01:24 am

Ooh, the bills are piling up - luckily none too big.
$35 for hospital outpatient procedure last month
$100 for DH's "driver responsibilty assessment" (btw, in case you don't know - and we didn't - if you get 6 or more points on your license in NY within 18 months, you have to pay a $300 fine over three years. Installment #2 is due by the end of the month) DH has been ticket free since, though!
$46 in lab bills for my two pregnancy blood tests (and that was AFTER insurance)
And now it looks like we might need to take ds2 back to the doctor AGAIN as he is being incontinent all of a sudden. We took him last week for swelling in the groin area which could be a hernia or could be nothing - but it sure seems like something's going on, when after 6 months of hardly having any accidents, he has four within two days. Hmmm...hoping it's nothing but a fluke, though.


March 4th, 2008 at 01:59 am

-Took ds2 back to the dr. today for swelling in the groin area...doc said possible hernia, possibly nothing...we'll have to keep an eye on it. $18 co-pay.
-Still eating like a crazed pregnant woman (oh wait, I AM a crazed pregnant woman). I did go to the store last week and really stocked up on some good stuff so I wouldn't be so tempted to eat all the bad stuff. I filled the fridge with yogurt, raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, watermelon, grapes, whole grain bagels and English muffins, etc. to the tune of $55. I thought I was doing pretty well - still eating every two hours (I'm pretty sure you could actually set a clock by my stomach), but keeping my snacks healthier and higher-protein - till my parents came back from vacation and bought a dozen doughnuts at the store today! I walked in from my son's Dr. appt, saw those yummies sitting there, and caved. Oh well - tomorrow's another day.
-I've definitely gained a few pounds from above binging. My waistband is just enough snugger to make me uncomfortable. Drat. And I'm only 8 weeks along! I'm seeing my midwife on Friday, so I will get her opinion on what type of exercise is safest to start at this point in the game.
-All these medical bills and the price of gas has put us a little behind in the budget. I'm not sure knocking ourselves out to make our 2007 IRA contribution is really the best plan. I might just (sigh) contribute less for 2007 ($2500 at this writing) and try to get the entire amount in next year.
-Another busy weekend coming up - DH and I are playing in a pinochle tournament at my uncle's house this Saturday, then making a day trip to Binghamton for his grandmother's birthday on Sunday and coming home to bowl in our league on Sunday night. But, it beats staying home, where I sit like a lump on the couch because I'm too tired to move. Five more weeks of being in the first trimester...I can't wait!!! I guess you never remember the negatives, but this is my third pregnancy and I'm always surprised at how completely exhausted I am from doing absolutely nothing. Speaking of...time for bed!