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bills, bills, bills

March 10th, 2008 at 06:24 pm

Ooh, the bills are piling up - luckily none too big.
$35 for hospital outpatient procedure last month
$100 for DH's "driver responsibilty assessment" (btw, in case you don't know - and we didn't - if you get 6 or more points on your license in NY within 18 months, you have to pay a $300 fine over three years. Installment #2 is due by the end of the month) DH has been ticket free since, though!
$46 in lab bills for my two pregnancy blood tests (and that was AFTER insurance)
And now it looks like we might need to take ds2 back to the doctor AGAIN as he is being incontinent all of a sudden. We took him last week for swelling in the groin area which could be a hernia or could be nothing - but it sure seems like something's going on, when after 6 months of hardly having any accidents, he has four within two days. Hmmm...hoping it's nothing but a fluke, though.

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