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the continued quest for organization

January 31st, 2008 at 06:56 pm

Closet and clothes: check
Books: check
Junk room (spare bedroom where all the..well, junk is stored): check
Kitchen cabinets: check
Today's goal, which I'm about halfway through - my recipes. I have a huge stack of cooking magazines which I kept because I didn't want to rip out the magazines. Forget that! I don't want them taking up all the space, so I'm cutting out the recipes that I want and freecycling the rest. Getting rid of a few cookbooks too, since the vast majority of my recipes come from online (thank you recipezaar!). I'm using a magnetic photo album to keep the recipes I want to try (once tried, I either discard them or copy them into my "keeper" file). I should have this finished by tomorrow morning.
Now, what should the next task be??? I have freecycled a TON of stuff, although after two no-shows, I did finally take the leftovers to be donated. Here's a very partial list:
about 50 items of clothing
non-working CD player
bag of old towels for rags
old magazines
old sewing chest
bag of packing peanuts
baking and cooking items
metal bookshelf
picture frames
and on and on...took up half the dining room! But boy, did it feel good to get all that stuff out and reclaim some space in the house. I am really having a blast doing this. Maybe a career as a professional organizer should be in my future??? Classes are cheap, and there are no organizers listed in my immediate area (closest is 45 minutes away), so there's not much competition. I wonder how much potential there is in that business...

1 Responses to “the continued quest for organization”

  1. My English Castle Says:

    My next door neighbor is an organizer, and she's expanded her business to help older people clean out their places before moving into assisted living facilities. She does pretty well with it and hires people to help her on a job-by-job basis.

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