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taxes are starting to look up...

January 22nd, 2008 at 06:47 pm

I did a rough draft of my taxes a few weeks ago and thought we would have to pay about $500 for federal and state. I've been revising my taxes as I get paperwork in the mail and got some good news. I had forgotten that my health care premiums are not taxed, as well as my health care and dependent care savings accounts. That dropped my taxable income from my job by about $3k, which dropped our taxes to about $100 out of pocket. I made a few more tweaks today after I went over last years records for a few more deductions, and got it to a small refund. Back to Turbo Tax to run through the Deduction Finder and, lo and behold, a Retirement Savings Credit of $200 each brought our refunds up to about $500. Happy day! Still waiting on our interest statements from our banks to complete the taxes (although I did get one already from a short-lived account reporting $.04 in interest income - do I still have to report this or is there some threshold at which you have to start reporting?). When I get the rest of the statements, then I can file and get some unexpected cash back. Oh yeah, I do have to remember to make the final 2007 Roth contribution so that we can validly claim the Retirement Savings Credit! I still have $2k to go...I planned to save up for this contribution, but I think I will take it out of the EF in order to get these taxes filed sooner. I can put $500 right back in when I get my refund and should be able to catch the rest up quickly. I know, I know, not ideal...but I can't let this credit slip away, and i just don't have $2k in my checking right now! Plus, it sure seems like a good time to be buying stocks (although it pains me to look at my net worth nowadays - down 12% since 12/31). I'll still have $4k in my EF to tide us over...and no big expenses on the horizon.

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