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November 12th, 2007 at 06:37 pm

Took another prego test this morning...just to be sure! I know it's silly since you cannot get a false positive, but the lines were so faint on the previous tests that I just couldn't shake the feeling that something was wrong (I thought I had heard in the past about "false" pregnancies). Anyway, the line was darker this morning, plus I'm starting to feel a few little symptoms, so I'm much happier today Smile We have to figure out how to break the news to our families in the next few weeks.
DH went out the other day without telling me and bought a $60 coffeepot. Last year, he received a Bunn for Christmas from his mother, who has loved her Bunns for 20 years. It was supposed to last him for 20 years, but it started brewing slower and slower...till it took 45 minutes to brew a pot when it was supposed to take 3. Anyway, he decided on a whim that it could not be fixed and bought a new pot. I looked up the cleaning instructions online in 2 minutes when I saw the new pot (already unpacked and brewing, of course - unreturneable!). He grudgingly cleaned the Bunn and it works GREAT. Grrr. I was a little miffed, but I got over it - it's astounding how different our attitudes can be toward money in just a year. Last year, $60 would have set us back. Now it's just a mistake. We are going to give the new pot to my brother and SIL who just moved into their new house that they built behind ours. They need one.
Speaking of money, on the flip side of that comment, it's also funny how your spending changes when you don't need to worry about money so much. We definitely have been more lax lately (Hi-def DVD player!!). I have been paying off the cc every month, but there hasn't been a month in a while where we haven't had to pay it. In other words, we are still using it too much! I don't like owing money on cc, even when I know it will be paid. So, once the balance is gone, we are back to using it only for gas and Internet purchases. Luckily, I have already figured out where the money for Christmas is coming from (reimbursements from my health care savings and dependent care savings accounts), so no gifts will be going on the ccs. I also am terribly behind on my budgets (3 or 4 months). I am going to try to get to that tomorrow.
I decided not to try for the new position at work - it would have required going full-time, which I am just not ready for, esp. with impending pregnancy. I'm going to stick it out at my job for another nine months, then hopefully be able to take some significant time off (a few years, even) if DH finds a permanent teaching position by then. If not, I'll have to stay on, as his job will not make enough to support us (unless we can get our student loans paid off by then). So much to think about.

2 Responses to “the news”

  1. homebody Says:

    Really wonderful news Jodi. Congratulations. I had a midwife with my first two pregnancies, but both times ended up having to see the M.D. (stitched me up after my first 9 lb, 11 oz daughter, well second time the M.D. delivered me (breech birth)). Third time I switched to a doctor who I bartered with for my medical care since I had no OB coverage (I wasn't planning to have any more children). He did a great job and I didn't need so much of the midwife care since it was third time around and I was sort of used to everything. DH says it was a delivery made for television, perfect third time around.... I still was in pain though, no epidurals back then (20 years ago)....but it went really quick. Will look forward to your pregnancy postings.

  2. jodi Says:

    Thanks! I had an OB for my first pregnancy, but my midwife experience was a LOT better. I suppose I've done this enough times now to make the best of it whichever route I go!

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