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car insurance renewal time

February 28th, 2007 at 05:50 pm

I just got my renewal paperwork for my car insurance and thought it was pretty reasonable, until I looked up last years and saw that it went up $200! Ouch. But before I started the routine of calling around for better rates, I decided to call my agent to find out why...and I'm glad I did.
Turns out that DH's car safety course had expired and we hadn't sent in the new one yet ($81 will be taken off). I am also due to take the course again - I have to sign up for one (another $81 off). My agent referred me to AARP - she says they offer $10 courses. I think the normal cost is around $36-40, but I can take it through my union for $18. Whichever way I take it, it's well worth the cost to have $81 saved over three years! Lastly, I informed her that DH is no longer driving 30+ miles per day, but is now driving 3-10 miles per day. That took off another $20. Now we're talking - back to last year's cost with 5 minutes effort!

1 Responses to “car insurance renewal time”

  1. Fern Says:

    Car safety courses and informing them of low driving distances...you did all the things i was getting all ready to tell you...good job!

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