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oohhh, we went to the mall...

February 27th, 2007 at 06:38 pm

And we spent...gasp...money. I don't know what came over us! Actually, I do know. Dh needed sneakers and underwear. So, no, I'm not really that upset about spending the cash for things we needed. At least, not too upset. It just surprised me how fast we spent the money. We dropped $51 at the shoe store for a pair of sneakers (DH) and a pair of dress shoes for work (me - a gift for my birthday several months ago - mom gave me the money to spend on clothes for myself and I honestly have been searching this long to find a pair of shoes that I liked). Then I spent $6 at Sears for two shirts! That's better than the thrift stores prices - second only to the garage sale prices and freecycle! Lastly, DH spent $24 at Penneys for boxers. oh, did I mention this all happened after we went out for dinner and before we went to a movie?
I was very disappointed by dinner. We went to Applebee's, mainly because we had a gift certificate there. Usually I enjoy the food there, but most of my meal was covered in a very salty sauce. We spent $21 out of pocket after a $25 g.c. I can't imagine spending $46 for that meal when I could have had a better meal at a non-chain local restaurant. I hate being disappointed when I am looking forward to something so much!
We, like probably many others, saw our net worth plummet today. I was applauding the fact that we were not only positive, but over $1k net worth...until today. At last glance, we were -$3! Ouch. I hope this is a temporary setback! But I'm also wondering if this is a good time to get that mutual fund I have been researching...hmmm.

2 Responses to “oohhh, we went to the mall...”

  1. littlemama Says:

    When you are dissatified with a meal, let the manager know. They will usually take it off the bill.

  2. jodi Says:

    I always feel so guilty doing that, especially after I have eaten half the meal! But I was given a form to call and give feedback, then get a coupon off our next visit. I will do that...

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