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about that clothes dilemma...

February 22nd, 2007 at 07:55 pm

I decided not to do anything yet, as I might conceivably need those clothes still with two boys and more kids to follow...(later! Not till DH gets a job!). Still, I wanted to do something to give back to the person who keeps my kids clothed, so I e-mailed her to ask if she itemized on her taxes. She does, so everytime I donate anything to the thrift store, I am going to get the receipt in her name (we do not itemize). Is THIS ethical? I feel it's a nice compromise because we both benefit from it, but technically, I AM lying - but then again, I'm not, because so much of the stuff I donate did come from her originally - I'm just the middleman who uses it for a year or two before passing it on to the thrift store Smile I like this solution, for now anyways. I'm fed up with E-bay's commissions anyways. I was looking with interest at the forum post about no fee auction sites, but I see that no one else really has any experience with them either.
I freecycled everything on my list today. I cannot believe that everything is gone in under a day, but it is. I dropped a few items off to a young woman who met me at work today, then came home to about 10 more e-mails. One man said he would take everything, so I made arrangements for him to come tonight. Half hour later and my office was clean again. I LOVE it! Just to give you an idea, here's what I gave away:
Toys: Sponge Bob backpack
Sponge Bob pillow/doll
Sponge Bob talking/laughing plastic doll
Little Tikes cow flashlight
Melissa and Doug vehicle sound blocks
Lego toy that makes music

Household: three partially burned jar candles
Brass/glass touch lamp
Children’s plastic clothing hangers
33” window blind (needs end fixture)
Two woven potholders
Picture frames: one tri-fold metal frame (5” x 7”), two single 5x7 metal frames, one collage frame, app 16x24 that holds 18 pictures
Five baskets of varying shapes and sizes, two in poor condition, three in fair to good condition (one is a Christmas basket)
Two decorative blankets: one is woven Noah’s Ark, the other is maroon fleece with embroidered flowers and comes with a basket for display – neither have ever been used.
White king size pillowcase with blue clouds/yellow sun design
Children’s hooded bath towel, baseball design
Small bag of word magnets (magnetic poetry)
Playing card salt and pepper shakers

Clothes: Two plastic grocery bags of boys clothing, mostly sizes 3T and 4T, mostly winter clothes but a few summer items. About 3 or 4 of the items have staining, others are in good condition. There are about 8 pairs of socks included as well.
One pair of blue fluffy bear slippers, toddler size 5-6. My dog just chewed the nose off of one as I was sitting here writing, but maybe someone will still want them to keep little feet warm.
One lightweight jacket, red with Lego logo, size 3T – great condition
Woman’s clothing: two wool sweaters (both have one small hole), one suit (size 11-12), dark pink V-neck sweater in good condition, size 8/10.

Miscellaneous: small box of pretty rocks and shells, and a starfish, if you can think of some use for that

And it's all gone - even the starfish! Whoda thunk. I think I even got my mom excited about the idea, as she said she would have more stuff for me to get rid of. Ah, now to enjoy the weekend with Dh's family - they are all coming up for a sledding party tomorrow - and back to work decluttering next week.

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