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November 17 - SOLD!

November 17th, 2005 at 06:00 pm

DH sold a chess set (Yankees vs. Red Sox) on E-bay today for $16. Yeah! That was a nice little bonus. I have never had good luck with E-bay. I tried to sell some children's clothes - designer labels (that I got at the thrift store!), stuff that had tags on it still, but I only sold about half my stuff. By the time I paid my fees, I only made a few bucks for several hours work. So I generally I shy away from that.
Tomorrow I plan to get my new bank account (I know, I said that yesterday, but I mean it this time). I hope this Keep the Change program is at good as it sounds. I think I will close out my ING accounts too - I've made over $100 in referrals Smile but I have no one left to refer. I opened an account for the boys with some birthday and holiday money, but I am thinking about looking into those I-bonds that I have heard about on the discussion boards. Have to talk to DH about this.
Expenses today: $24.28 gas in DH's car (WOW! I haven't spent this little in so long!), DH spent about $15 on a poster off E-bay that was not what he thought it was - he didn't read the description carefully before bidding...so he got a fair amount of chewing out over that one Smile It will be a Christmas present for his brother.
Income today: $317 - misc., won't count the E-bay $ until we see it

November expenses: $5442.79
November income: $5576.71
Saved money today by: eating all meals at home, taking snacks to work, drinking tea at work (brought the teabag from home), listing things for sale on local "yard sale" site for free (offshoot of Freecycle that one of our members started)

1 Responses to “November 17 - SOLD!”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I know what you mean about Ebay--rarely have I felt like I've made good money on something I sold. Now, when I sold all the jewelry my despised ex gave me, I didn't care if I made any money (in fact, it felt good to get rid of the stuff for next to nothing--now if only he could have heard about it). Smile
    Just last week I just gave a bunch of stuff to charity, but I held back on the loafers my husband had worn one time, because I thought I might be able to get rid of them on Ebay for a nice price. I got $5.50 for them! Grrr...

    What I want to know is, where are these great deals when *I'm* shopping for stuff on Ebay?!

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