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November 15

November 15th, 2005 at 07:24 pm

Work, show houses, dinner, kids to bed. Pretty much the same as yesterday. I feel like I haven't seen much of my kids in the past few days. I agreed to work some extra hours at work when on of our Service Coordinators went out on leave. Well, he was supposed to be back in October, then November, and now he's not coming back until January. I am not obligated to work any extra hours, but I feel guilty dropping now since we are still short a person. I guess I'll stick it out a while longer. My sympathies to all the parents out there who need to work full-time. I miss my babies Smile
I actually ate a fast food restuarant today - the first time since starting the South Beach diet. I had a bean burrito at Taco Bell with a side of beans and cheese. I think it was an okay meal - certainly a lot better than a cheeseburger and fries. I just could not motivate myself to make a lunch this morning. I guess we all have those lazy days Smile
DH received a CC offer in the mail today that actually caught my eye - 0% on balance transfers for the life of the loan. I thought it was just for CC balances, which we don't carry, but I called anyway to check out if we could transfer our student loans - and we can! Here's the catch - it will be interest free until 7/06, at which point it will continue to be interest free IF we make two purchases per billing cycle. The problem is, any payments we make would go toward the original balance, meaning interest would accrue on the new purchases until the original balance is paid off. Granted, we could make $1 purchases and the interest would be minimal...I'm not sure if I want to get into this CC game, but it is SO tempting to have our student loans at 0% instead of 4.6%. If we transferred $5k (the card limit), we could save over $200 in interest charges in a year. Hopefully, we could have it paid off by July 2006 and cancel the card, but I'm not sure if that's a game I want to play. I'll think on it some more.
I made a small payment ($300) on DH's student loan. I planned to make a big payment on mine, but I had a problem registering with the Web site. I meant to send in a payment today, but I will do it tomorrow. Have the day off, so I plan to get a lot done.
I started a new system of carrying a small notebook in my purse at all times. That way, I can write down expenses as they occur instead of trying to recall everything at the end of the day. I also have a Christmas list and to-do list started so I can write down things as I think of them. We'll see if it helps.
Expenses today: $3.22 Taco Bell, $12 groceries (had to stop and get something for dinner, bought meat for tomorrow's dinner while I was there along with some low-fat cheese and whole wheat pasta), $300 student loan payment
No income today

November expenses: $1648.01
November income: $5259.71
Saved money today by: drinking water at work and during the day.

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