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November 12 - on the mend

November 12th, 2005 at 06:47 pm

DS2 woke up happy this morning - he spent the day running around again Smile Either he was already on the tail end of this virus, or the antibiotics kicked in really quickly for the ear infection. Either way, it's just good to see him smiling again Smile
DH and I took the boys out tonight for dinner and a little Christmas shopping. Before we went, I got on Restaurant.com and printed up a $10 certificate (cost: $3 with 60% off coupon = $1.20). So we saved $8.80! I was a bit disappointed in the dinner though...just wasn't very good. Then we went to the mall, which apparently just got a Nextel booth. I had planned to switch to Nextel through my job rep, who offers a 5% discount. However, when he faxed me the papers, he was going to charge me $60 for delivery and $70 for activiation fees (2 lines). So I told him to forget it. Tonight I got them at the booth for no delivery charge, since they were in stock, free phones, and only $21 in activation each. Plus I found out that Nextel gives a 10% discount to NY state employees!!! So I have to call in the morning to have my current cell number ported over, since I use it for work. The only bad side is that I think my current provider might charge me for the remainder of the billing cycle, which just started (I found out tonight when I got home and found my bill on e-mail). If that's the case, I am really going to kick myself for not planning this better.
I'll be going to show some houses tomorrow in the $80-100k range, so that would mean a decent commission if I sell one Smile I'll keep my fingers crossed. Those commission checks are always a nice bonus.
Expenses today: $15.27 dinner plus $4 tip, $2.16 for phones, $6.47 for a book (Christmas gift)

November expenses: $1216.92
November income: $5259.71
Saved today by: visiting Restaurant.com, researching cell phone deals before purchasing one (I visited the booth of the other provider we were considering - same monthly rates, but their phones cost $100!)

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