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November 11 - baby still sick :(

November 11th, 2005 at 08:10 pm

Today we decided to take ds2 back to the doctors. He was so sad looking this morning, just laying on us like a limp rag. This is not like him at all - since he learned to walk at 9 months, he has not sat still for a moment. Plus he now has a rash all over. The good news is that his fever is down - but it looks like he has a virus (roseola?) and definitely has an ear infection, so it's back on the antibiotics. Thank God I have a good insurance plan - it only cost $5. It would have cost a lot more when we were on DH's plan. We are very, very lucky in this sense. My job may not pay the best, but I do get good benefits Smile (like a long weekend for Veteran's Day!)
I spent most of my day off home hanging out with DH and the boys. I did have to go grocery shopping, to the doctor, and to fill the script. Then DH and I went out to play a pinochle match tonight. We kicked butt, and endured a good amount of ribbing about it. But we had a good time and did not spend any money to do it.
Expenses today: $15 doctor's visit co-pay, $5 script, $48 groceries, gas for DH $30, misc. expenses from DH estimated at $100 (grocery run, night out, stuff needed for school)
Income today: $317 misc.

November expenses: $1189.02
November income: $5259.71

Saved money today by: Eating all meals in and from scratch, eating leftovers for lunch, free entertainment, comparing prices carefully at the store (had to buy medicine for ds2 - two were the same price for the same amount, but a dose of one lasted 4 hours, but the other 8, so it was a better value)

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