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November 10

November 10th, 2005 at 07:27 pm

Not the best day today...had to attend a funeral for my great uncle. Ds2 is still sick - now he has a rash over most of his body. My mom saw it and said it's roseola, which we all had as babies. But he is acting like he's feeling better still today. You would never know he was sick if it weren't for the rash and runny nose.
I had to get gas for the minivan today - $56. That's the least I have spent in a long time. Gas here is about $2.60 a gallon. I had a choice today between a full-serve station at $2.59 or a self-serve one at $2.62. Hmmm...it's cold and snowing a little, full serve is cheaper...tough choice. DH went out after school tonight with a friend from his old job, so he'll probably be spending $10-15. No other money spent today.
November expenses: $991.02 + DH's misc. expenses
November income: $4942.72 (still haven't paid down my loans yet as DH never made it to the bank, so the checks still aren't deposited)
Saved money today by: comparing gas prices, taking a snack to work, having cereal for dinner (funeral luncheon was at 3, so none us us were very hungry tonight)

It's really nice to look at my income column this month, but this is NOT a typical month. This amount represents a very large commission from a $200k+ house I sold. I wish they were all like this, but I typically only earn about $8k a year from my real estate (this commission is nearly half that!). I treat all income I receive from real estate as a bonus. It's not counted towards expenses, so if I don't have it, we don't miss it. I usually use it to pay down loans.

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