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November 2

November 2nd, 2005 at 06:12 pm

My husband picked up my commission check from the office today - it was my largest ever, by quite a bit. We are now debating whether to put it toward his car loan or my student loans. The interest is higher on my student loans, but so is the balance. I like the idea of paying off his car, which we could probably do with my next commission check (due the end of this month). We'll see...my most recent real estate deal just fell through over the weekend due to a lousy home inspection, so I've only got one more deal in the works right now. But hopefully more will come my way soon.
A no spend day for me - I spent most of the day hunkering down at home trying not to move, as I pulled something in my back. I did have to go to work for a few hours though. Tonight I made eggplant lasagna - it was absolutely wonderful. I didn't even miss the noodles. Both the kids are in bed now so I can just relax for the rest of the night. Ds1 has the sniffles, so I know I'll be sick to in a day or two. I have been washing my hands like a lunatic, but it never seems to matter. it's not like I can turn down a kiss when he offers Smile so I better get my rest now while I can.
November expenses: $8.62
November income: $3661.16
Goal for this week:
1. Get an estimate on repairs for DH's car. Some moron hit it during the night while he was visiting friends (he was parked on the road by his friend's house). So now we either get to pay for it out of pocket or possibly take a hit on our insurance. It really, really infuriates me that people can be so inconsiderate. It's not only the car they hit, it's money out of our pocket and future black marks on our insurance. Speaking of this, it also infuriates me that any claim can potentially count against you for insurance, whether it's your fault or not. Grrr.
2. So I am also going to shop around for car insurance this week, if I can get to it. I went with the insurance offered through my union because I got a good discount, but now I wonder if I can find it cheaper elsewhere even without the discount. I think we are paying about $1500 a year for two cars (a 2000 minivan and 2005 car), which isn't bad compared to a lot of areas, but I think we should be able to do better with our good driving records.
3. Speaking of driving, my last goal for the week is to sign up for the driver's safety course offered through my union. It's only $18 and I will get a 10% reduction on insurance for three years. Sure, it's a waste of a perfectly good Saturday (6 hours - ugh), but it's worth it.

I like the idea of writing down the ways I saved money today - I have seen it in some other journals. It serves as a good reminder of the proactive things I AM doing, and I like reading about what other people are doing. Today I brought my lunch to work and had a cup of coffee at home, instead of getting one while out. I forgot to stop at the store to buy meat for the lasagna, so I found some in the freezer to use (bonus: cleaning out the glut of food in the freezer).

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